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A selfie stick, also known as a selfie monopod or simply a monopod, is a handheld monopod device that holds a phone or camera at the end in order to take selfies from greater distances to produce better and more diversified selfies. There are several varieties of selfie stick to meet your every need- selfie stick with blue tooth, selfie stick for iphone, selfie stick for android, monopods for cameras, selfie stick with mirror, and more.

The selfie stick finds its origins in Asia and has just emerged over the past few years. A selfie is simple a photo of a person that has been taken by that same person- think of it as a self-portrait. While self- portraits and self- depictions have been around nearly forever, it is the rise of social media that has made the selfie a part of daily life. Now, selfies are popping up everywhere and of everyone. But, of course, the selfie has its photographic limitations- awkward angles, limitations to background and number of people in the picture, no full body images. Luckily, the trend that has so quickly spread across Asia has quickly evolved the selfie in ways previously unimaginable. The selfie stick allows for scenery, additional individuals, and more all because of the extended reach that the camera stick provides. Monopods for cameras means that people can really have it all- with the selfie stick, people can take their own picture and have it be of high quality as well.

Selfie Camera Stick has one sole mission: innovating the world of selfie photography to allow for people to produce great pictures and memories with their selfie stick. We offer information about the selfie stick, tips on how to look good in a selfie and improve your photo skills, and a place to view selfies taken with the selfie stick and share your own, along with being the top source to buy selfie stick and selfie monopods.


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